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Monday, December 23, 2019

Militia Reinforcements!

A Look at LOD Militia

In the last iteration of this blog, I discussed the figures produced by LOD (see link from previous post), focusing on the Continental Light Infantry. Today I would like to take a look at their Militia.
As far as I know, only two manufacturers produce figures specifically as militia: LOD (which we'll look at today) and IMEX, (which I will do if there is any interest).

Some of the IMEX militia can be seen in action in my posts from Huzzah! 2019 this past May. Both lines look sufficiently militia like, although their dress favors the Northern Colonies as they are for the most part too heavily clothed for the Deep South.

Like the Light Infantry, their animation is top notch. As I stated in the previous post, if you are one who wants a unit all looking the same, be prepared to buy several bags! If you are in to small unit actions, these are the figures you would want! Not only are the poses well-executed, but the facial expressions add to their quality. Several of these guys I would not want to meet in a dark alley! (Metaphorically speaking, of course).

The plastic used is a semi-hard material, more rigid that either IMEX or AIP (Armies in Plastic), and as such require very little prep prior to priming and painting. On occasion, I have found mold release lines that just have to be removed, but for the most part, these are cleanly molded figures. I would also add that it would be a good idea to anneal the plastic to reduce the inevitable curves found most plastic figures (bent musket anyone?). Heating them in very hot water and then allowing them to cool slowly should help. An electric hair dryer might also be useful instead. After priming with your favorite compatible primer, just paint them as you normally would. A protective coat of matte or gloss varnish, depending on your preference should be the last step.

Below are a few of the pictures (including a couple of Continentals which I get into next time)

 This one above shows 7 of the 8 poses included (a kneeling and firing militiaman is the eighth. The middle one is a closer view of my three favorite poses. Finally, the below photo shows two of the Continentals, not my best photo work, but you get the idea.

With Christmas and New Years just around the corner, this will be the last post for 2019. May you and yours have a wonderful holiday. Maybe, just maybe, 2020 will see the peace and hope this season promises!


  1. Nice figures, even better as you have painted them!

    Those Accurate figures (also released by Revell and apparently later re-released by Imex) were some of the first 54's I painted in the 90's.

    1. Thank you. They do paint up nicely. BTW, your Canadian
      Continentals will be making their debut on the 23 January game at my club (Old Colony Wargamers). No doubt, they will cover themselves in glory!

  2. Great post! Very useful, and I contacted Ken at LOD, and found him willing to consider bags of marching poses. I'm uncertain he is a wargamer, and the main issue is molds - they'd have to make several molds that were just one pose of each marching fig. But, I think it'd be worth it! If they are indeed a bit harder plastic and easy to work with, then I can see the Gentlemen's War types grabbing them up. I know I'd buy a good 8 Units of the marching poses myself.

    Yes, let's hope for that "Peace which surpasses all understanding" to prevail!

    1. Wonderful! That's great news. I hope Ken follows through. I've always found him to be both helpful and prompt. A nice fellow,too. I remember some months ago receiving a model of the six inch British Officer as a thank you for my relatively small number of purchases. There's a vendor you definitely want to keep in business.

  3. Holidays are over, and I sent Ken a quick email wishing him well and asking what the number is of people/figures purchased to create dedicated molds to marching poses. I mentioned you as an interested type of person, but maybe you can check in as well. I'm thinking it may be a sort of "crowdfunding" project where people pledge to the amount of $$ they want in figures and pledgers get a bit of a discount on the total products. I'd be in for a few hundred dollars, no doubt about it! I'd love to do an Battle Demo of the Skirmish at Edgehill in Dec of 1777, right near my house. Perhaps at the library or the VFW or American Legion Post. Happy New Year! Alex

  4. And a Happy New Year to you! Crowd funding... now that is an interesting idea. I have some friends who have participated in it. I shall check it out. Currently I'm prepping for a AWI Charge! game at my local club for next Thursday (23 Jan). I will be posting a battle report shortly thereafter.